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9/11 Truth Sales and Marketing - A Positive Approach to Increasing Public Awareness about 9/11 Issues

Wayne Prante
Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth
December 5, 2007

Waking up to the lies and truths about 9/11 is difficult and painful, and it makes you angry. Knowing what we have come to know also bestows a responsibility upon each of us to pass the information we have accumulated on to others. The pain, the anger and moral outrage at this deceit is, in essence, what brought us all into the movement and the “information wars”. That is essentially what we are or need to be engaged in. I define it as providing information to the public that is contrary to the generally accepted version of history, by offering additional facts or contrary evidence. It does not mean attacking the messenger or medium, nor confronting the source of the mis-information, but rather being an alternative source for civil information, or 'being the media'.

Now more than ever, as we reach the so-called “third stage” in Ghandi's model (they attack you), how we carry and conduct ourselves is critical to whether we ultimately succeed in winning over the hearts and minds of the middle 20 to 30 percent of the masses, and stirring them to demand answers and accountability. To do this, we must be the best that we can be and not provide the enemies of truth reasons to attack us. Contrary to what some say, being under attack, does not necessarily mean we are on target. If the attack is unprovoked, then we are having a profound impact. If we have provoked the attacks, we are not having the desired effect and are actually aiding the enemy and virtually ensuring that we won't succeed.

9/11 Truth is not just an information war. It is also a psychological war and a spiritual war. How we come across or are portrayed is as important as the information, if not more so. Many of us may not have a model to follow to channel our knowledge or energy. Many may not have much experience or perhaps any experience in effective sales and marketing, while others may be following failed models of activism which many have been erroneously perceived as being successful. Good intentions are not enough. Simply doing something is not enough, and if not well thought out, any action can be counterproductive.

In this article, I hope to offer not only criticism, but also some insights and tips that hopefully all can utilize to be more effective in getting our message out to the masses, which I submit is job #1. Only when we have sufficient numbers of average, ordinary citizens who are aware and who share our concerns, can we collectively demand and expect action and not be shunned as “fringe” or “extreme”.

Resistance is Futile

As stated, there is a lot to be angry about regarding the deaths of 3000 innocent people, and subsequently many survivors and and rescue workers are sick and dieing too, with no proper investigation, only cover ups. Adding insult to injury, our governments have engaged our nations in illegal wars, signed treaties that endanger our national sovereignty, suspended or limited many of our rights and freedoms, and we have seen and heard the media lie to us about all of it. So it is normal and right to be angry. Speaking out requires a moral compass, inner rage and courage, but that does not require that we act out our rage nor act without thinking, or without a strategy. Resistance and defiance at this stage is futile, and illogical.

To borrow a biblical analogy, if you want to fight Goliath, you have to fight on your own terms and not his. Our governments, media and pundits have not only engaged in lies and distortions, but have also used fear mongering to gain public support, acceptance and compliance, and to foment hate and war. There is little doubt that there has been high-level complicity. We have to be different, not the same. We have to be smarter. The methods of the peace and anti-war movements of the past have been a total failure. By what standard? It is simple. We have NO peace. We have perpetual war and are on the verge of WWIII. The military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us of and Kennedy challenged is still running the show. Conventional protest methods (mass demonstrations, occupations, sit ins, confrontations and riots) that we have seen since the 60's have only ensured that the status quo is maintained. Recycling these methods is pointless. They did not end the Vietnam War or any other war. The soldiers themselves ended that war by disobeying orders and refusing to fight. Raising awareness helped but confrontations did not. I would argue that they hindered the process, sewing a lot of discord within society. That is not what we want to do. That only aids the enemies of truth and prevents us from getting together.

The 9/11 Truth Movement, as many polls show, has had a lot of early success. Why? Because we tended to be unconventional and we have gone our own way and gained credibility. We stressed pursuing the facts; those pieces of evidence that best counter the official version of the September 11th events, as opposed to going down too many rabbit holes, and we have tried not to ally ourselves with any party, thereby staying out of the left vs right paradigm. 9/11 is about right vs wrong. Most of us realize that. By acknowledging this, we've maintained our focus and have been able to attract more people, and especially more credible people to the movement.

We have done very well by being civil, visible and being diligent, and with little favourable mainstream media (MSM) publicity, whether in TV, radio or print. We've also been successful without the help of those whom many assumed would be on our side: the icons of popular dissent (Chomsky, Goodman, Mambiot, Maher, etc). Many of us, nonetheless, remain obsessed with the idea of getting MSM attention and getting these icons on our side. Much like an abandoned child longing for it's mama's love and affections, or at very least some recognition of our existence. The anger and this longing for attention and respect, I submit, is causing some of us to engage in public hissy fits known as “confrontations”. While this undoubtedly feels good and is morally justifiable, does little or nothing to wake up the masses and tends to backfire. Nobody likes a screaming kid in a supermarket and I think most feel sorry for the parent who has to fight back the desire to physically punish the child in this “politically correct” society. The screaming continues but rarely does the child get his way. Contrarily, the child will often be removed by the parent to sighs of relief from onlookers. This is also what often happens when authorities are challenged and shamed in public. The target receives sympathy while the confronter is disdained, restrained and tossed out, and sometimes Tasered and jailed too. Peace is restored and the sheeple cheer.

Those engaging in such behaviour can claim a moral victory and impress their peers, but what has it really accomplished? Were the witnesses so moved that they will rush home and begin researching your “outrageous” claims. Not likely. In fact, they probably hate you for having the audacity to interrupt their event and for insulting their “god”.

We have to turn our inner rage into positive energy and use it to motivate us, to educate others.

Mama doesn't love you!

We are 6 years old now, going on 7. Hopefully we have been at this long enough to accept and confront one other ugly but very important truth. It is time to realize who owns and runs most of the major "mainstream" media and our icons, and accept the fact that “mama is a whore and mama doesn't love us”. She also doesn't like us (or anyone else) knowing that she is a whore. In fact, mama hates us and wishes we would just go away and die! It's sad, it's not fair but that is the truth, so deal with it.

It is not productive to antagonize the media (nor for that matter, the popular icons). The media, especially TV, is not only a weapon of mass deception, but also a weapon of mass destruction made by, for and the governments and global elites. The MSM is a beast that feeds on negativity and which perpetuates it. It lives on controversy, negativity and division. It is not there to tell us the truth, but rather, to entertain, dis-inform, frighten, control and ultimately to pacify. The talking heads that people trust, as well as many columnists, have a lot of power to sway public opinion and are paid handsomely to deceive and perpetuate their master's agendas. Getting an unbiased, much less a favourable report, therefore, is tough if not impossible, and too much time and energy is wasted on that hope. Forget it. Get over it. That is not surrender and does not render us powerless. It sets us free.

We have a lot of power, because we have the facts. They know it and are scared to death of us. 9/11 is the ultimate lie and betrayal, and the support pillar for the whole deck of cards that threatens to bring it all crashing down on them. It is the proverbial straw that will break the camel's back - not just for Bush and Cheney, but for the Democrats, for the MSM and for their global elite controllers. It's the Holy Grail, for us and for them. We have accumulated tons of proof that the official story is bogus, while the MSM is desperately clinging to the official version, ridiculing and demonizing those who question it - and loving every opportunity we give them to do so. So why give them what they want on a silver platter?

The confrontational approach feeds the beast and only serves to ensure that all dissent will eventually be outlawed, which of course is exactly what they want. The dido-heads who watch have no concept of rights and freedoms and will love it when there is a full blown police state and total censorship, and we are in a camp or dead. These methods also leave the truth movement wide open to infiltration, both in terms of leadership espousing failed methods and with agent provocateurs at the street level inciting recklessness, violence and chaos. I am NOT accusing anyone of doing that, but we have to accept that there is a lot of historical precedent for that in the past. We should be aware of that eventuality and conduct ourselves in ways that do not leave us vulnerable. To those who advocate constant confrontation, I say get outside the box. Stop playing their game. You are bound to lose .. and so are we.

Constructive Confrontation

I am NOT saying that we should NEVER ask questions of so-called 'authorities' or challenge them and their information directly. It is a matter of how, when, where and in what manner. We must make an assessment of the potential for progress versus the potential for harm or disaster: a cost versus benefit analysis. It is better to wait and be invited to ask questions and make comments than to interrupt and heckle. Negative campaigning is generally frowned upon because people hate negativity. It can be successful IF you are extremely well prepared AND have broad support. If you are going to do that, you better make sure that you know your stuff, are the right person for the job, and that the majority of people who are present are on your side or at least not hostile. You need to be confident that you are going to get applause, not boos - or worse. You would be well advised to prep the audience first. For example, when people are going to public events, you can distribute information to those waiting in queue to go into the venue, so that they are exposed to the issues and have time to digest the info.

Alternatively, we can challenge public figures (and conventional wisdom) in other ways. We can write to them personally, respectfully and with facts, and allow them to respond. If you send hate mail, you can expect to be ignored or attacked. We can also write thoughtful, factual letters to editors and counter any propaganda we see. Often, that will reach thousands of people and will not turn them off, as public spectacles tend to do, and give them something to think about.

Always remember that "what goes around comes around". Respect breeds respect and contempt breeds contempt. We want to open minds, not close them.

Constructive Media Relations

Not ALL media is against us. It is primarily the News and Talk oriented media that are against us. There may not be many who are willing to entertain new information or host a debate, but some are neutral. We should identify and exploit those. Why try and beat down closed doors where there are some that may be open? I have found, for example, that radio stations which have a mainly female audience (as opposed to male dominated media) are usually more open to talking about 9/11, IF you can market it properly. That means giving them intelligent but not boring guests, a compelling, scandalous, yet entertaining and sexy story; one that will touch their hearts and minds, and occasionally tickle their funny bone. Much about 9/11 fits that bill. We, ourselves, may be "nobodies" with no particular expertise except our own research and convictions, but we do have many credible people in the movement now who are ready, willing and able to speak out. We must utilize the best means at our disposal. In my experience, women are generally more open to new information, more likely to talk about something new that they've discovered and to pass that information on to others. It is creating a “buzz”. Get to know the “other” media in your area and talk to producers. Give them original show ideas and sell them a guest speaker! The show hosts do not have to take a stance one way or the other, just let the guests speak. If you can do this on a fairly regular basis, the more you are exposing people to 9/11 Truth and you are making it mainstream.

The Best Solution: Be the Media ... but also be the marketing department

Generally, it's best and prudent to ignore the major News and Talk media, or at least don't rely on them or expect that they will do the right thing. "Be the media" has been our mantra and our most effective tool, and there is no reason to change course. We can however, be savvier about PR and marketing. We have to realize that we, as individuals, are the sales department. As well, accept that bad press IS worse than no press. We don't have a PR department to fix public relations failures, nor time and energy to waste looking back. So it is incumbent upon each of us to think things through before acting, and realize that what each of us does, will reflect on the movement as a whole. There are so many ways to get out and inform people civilly and positively and they cannot defend against that, short of declaring martial law, which will blow their cover and expose the agenda.

Advertising campaigns are not successful due to consumers seeing one flashy advertisement, hearing one slogan one time, nor reading one review. Repetition and regular exposure, including at the subconscious level, leads to brand name recognition. If consumers see a product or material often, hear jingles often, read our slogans often, they will take it in at a subconscious level and begin to process that information, whether they like it or not, until it eventually comes to their conscious mind. You want them to try the product and become sold on it, and make a conscious decision to buy it, or in our case, to investigate further and buy into our view of things. This is also how the 9/11 story was sold and is perpetuated.

No matter what product or service you are selling, shoving it down someone's throat will not convince them of anything, except perhaps that you are rude, some kind of kook, or worse still, a dangerous kook. Forcefulness evokes a negative reaction, a closed mind and no sale. We have all experienced a pushy salesperson when walking into a store. Most people prefer to be acknowledged, but allowed to look around. That doesn't mean that we should not be proactive. We need to be, but with proven sales methods. Exposing people to our product (9/11 facts) is a selling job, not a telling job nor a yelling job.

Leading off with closing statement is not really productive. In other words, if you lead off with "9/11 Was an Inside Job", there is no room for a discussion. Invite your subject to investigate 9/11 by showing them a problem or paradox and having them try to solve it, based upon what they know about 9/11 or about physics, etc. Multiple choice quizzes can be fun. As well, do not give your customer or subject more information than they can handle or have time to process. A few facts about 9/11 opens the door to further enquiry, at a later time. Just being there and portraying a positive, intelligent image is also a victory, because when that person later hears or reads negative comments in the MSM about 9/11 Truthers, it will not ring true to them. In that instance, we have also discredited the media.

As sales people, we want to educate, not alienate, empathize, not criticize. Establish a rapport, find commonalities and build bridges, not burn them. Try to get people to agree with you on as many things as possible before giving them the essential pitch. Then offer alternative facts, explanations or solutions, not just opposition or dissent. No matter what we do, we should do our best not to close minds, nor give those we hope to reach any reason to fear us.

Many of us are not great public speakers (or writers), or for one reason or another, may not be willing or able to put their name or face into the spotlight, but have other talents to offer. These people can be the media by creating handbills and posters, or helping to distribute them in public places where people will at least see images or slogans, or help themselves to essential information. Consider micro-broadcasting too. With a small, inexpensive FM transmitter attached to your computer, you can broadcast your own shows or re-stream others from the alternative media sources to your neighbourhood and beyond. You can then advertise this in your fliers and posters that you hand out.


Get out and spread the truth, as best you know it, and as best you can individually and in small groups. Be civil and smile and know that you are right, that you have proof and history on your side, and that you we are doing the right thing. Don't argue with idiots. Just move on to the next person with an open mind. Exposing people to a new product (in this case, new facts and alternative views) requires positive energy and and a positive image. Give people a choice to hear you or to view your information. Don't set yourself up for rejection and failure.

To reiterate, 9/11 Truth is not about telling or yelling, but about selling.

What to consider in developing a "marketing strategy" which can be adapted for 9/11 Truth activism:

  1. Know your product or service: Know your facts, know yourself, your goals, your weaknesses and strengths, and know your competitor's product, arguments, goals, plans and strategies too (competitor in our case is the MSM and other proponents of the official story)
  2. Know your market area: Geographically, demographically and assess the potential for success visa vis the investment (of time, energy and resources)
  3. Identify potential customers: who they are, their wants and needs, and their ability / desire to buy (in our case, it is virtually anyone, but you can focus on how they have been affected by 9/11, and assess their ability / desire to accept what you are offering)
  4. Devise your marketing strategy: How best to you reach potential customers, what mediums are at your disposal, what will appeal to potential customers, what will not, and why.(how you reach potential converts – ads, fliers, posters, 9/11 DVDs, 9/11 music CDs, screenings, personal conversations)
  5. Direct marketing: Speak to or appeal to your potential customers (subjects) directly and as much or as often as possible. Don't allow your competitor to define your product or service for you.
  6. Network: Identify and generate allies who can give greater exposure to your product or service, without compromising it (note: their image or other issues that may not necessarily reflect your's, or their way of doing things may potentially give you a black eye – choose carefully).
  7. Build lasting relationships: Service your customer's needs and get testimonials from customers, especially high profile people. Have customers sell your product for you by word of mouth (in our case, this may mean finding local shops, such as book or magazine stores that might be on board and who would willing to post info or make space available on the counter for fliers, DVDs etc)
  8. Build a sales team: The more people you can employ who are sold on your product and who buy into your plan, the more potential for sales you will have (in our case, grow your group)
  9. Franchise: Have new recruits expand into new markets (geographical areas or target groups)
  10. Protect the market: Keep your product pure. Avoid public relations catastrophes, but be prepared for them and be prepared to act quickly to respond to negative publicity. Prevention is far less costly.

Be the change we want to see!

Education for Freedom

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